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MBTA General Meeting – November 2, 2011 at Shelborne Hotel (DAY AFTER ELECTION!)

Come and join us for our General Meeting the day after the Miami Beach Mayoral Election. We have invited all of the candidate to join the meeting and if there is a meeting, convince us the taxpayers why they should be our mayor. This is going to be an exciting election, do not miss this meeting! 8:15 am at the Shelborne Hotel (1801 Collins Ave.), Muffins and Coffee will be served. Meeting will be held in the Ballroom.

We will also be having speakers on Pension Reform in the City of Miami Beach from members from the Union and Commissioner Deede Weithorn. This has been a very heated topic in the city as pension costs to the city have skyrocketed over the past five years.

This will be an exciting and informative meeting, please come and tell all of your local taxpayers, friends and family to join as well.

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